Trenching and Shoring Awareness Training


Our 60 minute module will teach you a variety of safety precautions related to the duties typically performed by someone working in the trenching and shoring industry. This module will teach you how to identify hazardous environments during the excavation process as well as introduce ways to protect yourself from such.

This module is intended to teach you a wide variety of safety precautions and relevant knowledge related to the duties of a competent person such as: protective systems (i.e., shoring, shielding, sloping and benching), excavations, trenches, hazardous atmospheres, emergency rescue, water accumulation, daily inspections, unit weight of soil, soil mechanics/types, evaluation of soil, boiling, heaving or squeezing, subsidence and bulging, tension cracks, toppling, sloughing, temporary spoil, permanent spoil etc.
It is important to note that this program is an AWARENESS training program and further site-specific training will be required to work in this industry. Please consult your organization regarding further training required.

Outline of the Trenching Awareness Online Training Module

  • Introduces protective systems (i.e., shoring, shielding, sloping and benching)
  • Introduces the process of excavations
  • Introduces trenches and related safety hazards/precautions
  • Introduces emergency rescue
  • Introduces soil mechanics/types
  • Introduces the different types of soil and related safety precautions

Module Curriculum

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