Lockout Tagout Safety Awareness Training

Course Description

Our 60-minute training module will introduce you to many types of hazardous energy in the workplace as well as proper lockout procedures of such. The purpose of lockout is to ensure that machine hazards that are present during repairs and maintenance are minimized by the creation of a “Zero Energy” state. Lockout is critical in the workplace as the failure to do so can result in injury and/or death.

This module is intended to teach you about the roles and responsibilities of supervisors, employees and superintendents. It introduces hazardous energy, the general lockout guidelines/procedures associated with them as well as the various types of lockout devices.

It is important to note that this program is an AWARENESS training program and you will require further site-specific training related to lockout procedures in accordance with your organization.

Course Overview

  • Workplace party roles and responsibilities in accordance to the Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Introduces hazardous energy
  • Introduces general lockout procedures
  • Introduces various types of lockout devices
  • Introduces hazards that could arise as a result of improper lockout procedures



course duration

60 min (approx.)