Musculoskeletal Disorder Awareness Training

Course Description

In this 60 minute module, you will gain knowledge on the musculoskeletal disorder legislation.

The Musculoskeletal Disorder training defines and reviews the framework for MSD prevention.

This program is designed specifically for employers, supervisors, and managers. You will gain knowledge on the legislative requirements and how to recognize, assess, control, and evaluate MSD hazards and related concerns.

In this module we will discuss methods for material handling. We will also discuss the many risk factors and hazards associated with MSD’s. There are controls in place to minimize risks in the workplace and we will discuss the methods to use.

Course Overview

  • Reviews methods of material handling
  • Reviews musculoskeletal disorders statistics and relevance to the workplace
  • Specific disorders related to musculoskeletal strain or injury
  • Identifies lifting risk factors and hazards
  • Delivers safe lifting techniques
  • Identifies techniques on how reduce safety hazards
  • Identifies workplace control on minimizing risk
  • Relevant legislation



course duration

60 minutes (approx.)