Traffic Control Person Awareness Training

Course Description

Our 60-minute training module will introduce you to a variety of safety precautions and hazards related to the duties typically performed by a traffic control person (TCP). Effective June 2000, the Ontario Regulation 2132/91 of the Construction Regulations was amended by Ontario Regulation 145/00. Subsequently, sections dealing with traffic control (67-69) were revised. In this training session, you will learn how to effectively control traffic on a construction site safely according to this newly revised regulation.

This module is intended to teach you a wide variety of safety precautions and relevant knowledge related to the following: applicable regulations of a TCP, required training/qualifications, personal protective equipment (PPE), using equipment after dark, preparing for the job/daily checklists, proper signage, TCP position and locations, how to signal and stop vehicles, heat stress/exhaustion/stroke, cold stress/frostbite and backing up vehicles.

It is important to note that this program is an AWARENESS training program and further site-specific training will be required to work as a TCP. Please consult your organization regarding further training required.

Course Overview

  • Introduces applicable regulations of a TCP
  • Introduces the required training/qualifications required of a TCP
  • Describes personal protective equipment (PPE) typically used by a TCP
  • Describes how to use equipment after dark
  • Identifies how to prepare for the job/daily checklists
  • Demonstrates proper signage
  • Describes TCP positions and locations
  • Describes how to signal and stop vehicles
  • Identifies the signs of heat stress, head exhaustion and stroke
  • Identifies the signs of cold stress, frostbite and backing up vehicles