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Workplace Management Systems Inc. offers web based solutions for training, health and safety management, human resources management, WHMIS product inventory and more. Our Online Management System can be customized as a Training Platform System, a Health and Safety Management System, a Human Resources Management System, a WHMIS Product Inventory Management System or a combination of any or all of the above systems. It can also be utilized strictly for online training through our E-Commerce on our website. The Workplace Management System can be customized specifically to your workplace with customized training modules or various locations managed within one management system, efficiently, effectively and easily. It is a powerful online tool that can manage your health and safety and human resource requirements, ensuring compliance and reducing your risk of injury and financial penalties at the click of a mouse. A system that will keep records organized, centrally located and easy access from a computer, tablet or smart phone. The Workplace Management System will reduce frustration, stress and increase efficiency, productivity and your bottom line. It is a critical tool for any successful business.

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Be Informed Instantly

At a glance Supervisors, Health and Safety Coordinators, Administrators, Managers and Owners can see who needs to complete their training within the company or group of companies. Email notifications are sent to the Supervisors or Managers for upcoming expired training for the workers assigned to their department. Reports can be pulled quickly by department, training module or by position within the company. Policies, forms, SOP’s can be viewed and or printed within seconds making life much easier and less stressful.

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Efficient, Effective, Easy

The Workplace Management System was designed to automate manual processes to eliminate the confusion of a mix matched paper base and disconnected software systems. Efficiently complying with regulations and keeping your workers healthy and safe. Saving 1000 of hours of manual effort chasing paperwork making everyone’s life much easier.

The system effectively manages your health and safety and human resource programs eliminating your company from being exposed to significant injuries, risk to your reputation and steep financial penalties for not complying with ministry standards and regulations. Using a centralized online approach will reduce risk and ensure compliance in the most efficient, effective and easy way possible.

The Workplace Management System will streamline your processes so that supervisors and managers can focus on their core jobs while reducing stress and increasing productivity. This powerful management system keeps records central and secure making managing a simpler task while ensuring health, safety and compliance.