Fall Protection Awareness Training


Our 60-minute module will teach you about common fall protection controls in the workplace. There are many types of controls that can be implemented in the workplace according to the specific requirements of the job that are not only critical to performing the specific work duties, but also to preventing injuries and fatalities.

This module is intended to teach you about the 2 methods of fall protection (fall arrest and fall restraint), fall-related accident statistics, basic hazards and controls, impact indicators, fall arrest planning, emergency rescue and suspension trauma.

It is important to note that this program is an AWARENESS training program and further training is required for working at heights.


Outline of the Fall Protection Awareness Online Training Module

  • Introduces you to the 2 methods of fall protection
  • Introduces fall-related accident statistics
  • Introduces basic hazards and control related to fall protection
  • Provides an awareness of impact indicators and how to use them
  • Provides an awareness of fall arrest planning
  • Provides an awareness of emergency rescue procedures and suspension trauma